Rick Craig
Director of Information Technology
Phone: 231-2561

Robert Vaughan
IT Specialist
Phone: 231-8314

Matthew Jezierski
IT Specialist
Phone: 231-1490

Idiris Hagi
Jr. Systems Administrator
Phone: 703-706-3020

Image of the front of Burruss Hall on a sunny afternoonBurruss Hall is the main administration building on campus. It contains a 3,003-seat auditorium, a venue where major events such as commencement, presidential speeches, concerts, and arts shows are held.

Additionally, the building houses interior design and landscape architecture offices, studios,and classrooms for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.


Virginia Tech’s administration building, Burruss Hall consists of the original building, completed in 1936; a west wing and rear addition, built in 1968; and an east wing, added in 1970. Commencement ceremonies were held in the building’s 3,003-seat auditorium for years, beginning in 1936. An electronic carillon was installed in 1958. The first and second floors were renovated in 2007 for use by the College of Architecture and Urban Studies. The facility was originally known as the Teaching and Administration Building.