Rick Craig
Director of Information Technology
Phone: 231-2561

Robert Vaughan
IT Specialist
Phone: 231-8314

Matthew Jezierski
IT Specialist
Phone: 231-1490

Idiris Hagi
Jr. Systems Administrator
Phone: 703-706-3020

CAUS Helpdesk & Support

Please email if you are needing technical support. There are some services that we cannot support, such as application passwords, but we will be happy to give you help where we are able.

CAUS Local Admin Rights Procedure

To request Local Admin Rights for a new machine (or in the event of an older machine that needs to be wiped) please follow the below procedure:

  1. Read the CAUS Local Admin Rights Procedure by clicking on this link
  2. Once you have read the entire policy, go to this link to fill out the request form.
  3. Fill out your full name and your email address and click the blue Begin Signing button at the bottom.
  4. Fill out the reason that you are requesting local admin access, put your full name in the provided space, then click the signature button and finish the document.
  5. Once all this is done the form will automatically go to the people needed to sign from there and you will be notified if it’s approved.
  6. Once approved you will receive an email with your local admin username and password.

VT IT Policies

You can find more information about Virginia Tech IT Policies here.

4Help Information

  • Website Address –
  • Phone Number – (540) 231-HELP (1-4357)

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